The Asia Scotland Trust was established in 2014 with the aim of identifying and describing the physical remains of Scottish history in Asia, and subsequently assessing the opportunities for the repair and restoration of selected buildings of particular interest and significance. It is also the intention to explore and promote knowledge of the history of specific places where the Scots were influential, for example, Calcutta in West Bengal, in collaboration with public and private local agencies engaged in similar historical documentation or preservation of heritage buildings. A key part of this collaboration is to make the relevant content of Scottish records – in the British Library, for example, accessible for research purposes as well as for supporting future conservation initiatives.  It is desirable also that future outcomes involve the mutual transfer of knowledge and the development of the skills necessary for maintenance, repair and restoration work.


Buildings of particularly Scottish interest of course form only a small but not insignificant part of Asia’s heritage. They are nonetheless tangible evidence of the common history of Scotland and Asia, a historical connection which is not as well-known as it should be. Identification and preservation of heritage structures is an excellent way of promoting knowledge of this part of the shared history and as a basis for the building of new bilateral cultural relations.


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Our objectives are:


• To promote, encourage and support heritage conservation projects and initiatives in Asia in partnership with local organisations;


• To support the adoption and application of good internationally recognised practice in the research, survey, recording and analysis of historic sites and buildings;


• To support the preparation of the necessary documentation, in accordance with good international practice, to ensure the proper design and delivery of such projects.


• To support the delivery of the highest standards in building conservation, where necessary,  through collaborative professional engagement with historic building restoration projects;

St. Andrew's Church, Calcutta. Photographed from the southwest.

• To support the transfer of knowledge, experience and skill in connection with such projects;


• To support education and training for skilled workers, craftsmen and women, with a view to increased recognition and status for the skilled trades in Asia;


• To support opportunities for practical experience and project-based training for conservation architects, engineers, archaeologists, historians and other professionals


• To research, write and publish documents that will raise awareness of heritage and promote informed conservation.

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The Asia Scotland Trust is a registered Scottish charity. Scottish Charity No. SCO45273. Companies House No. SC464144

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